About Conreign

Conreign is a simplistic turn-based galaxy conquest game which is fun to play with your buddies. The main goal is to conquer all other player's planets on a rectangle map by sending battle fleets from one planet to another.

How to Play

First, you'll need to find some people to play with. Create a room with your own  hashtag and ask your friends to join using it. You'll start the game when everyone has joined. 

Each player owns a single planet at start. A number of neutral planets are placed on the map as well. All planets produce a certain amount of new ships each turn. Ship power depends on the planet. During the turn you launch fleets from one planet to another by selecting source and destionation planet and the amount of ships. Maximum turn duration is 60 seconds. You can send fleets to your own planets as well. The game ends when all your enemies are eliminated.

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